Disaster Management and Emergency Relief

Bangladesh is frequently hit by disasters, particularly cyclones, floods, mud slides, and drought. The country's tropical monsoon climate is impacted by the Himalayan, Assam, and Burmese mountain ranges in the north and the northeast and by the Bay of Bengal in the south. The strong monsoon rains, coupled with Bangladesh's location in the delta of the world's second largest river basin, makes it extremely vulnerable to recurring floods and other natural disaster. Seasonal monsoons with flooding are annual events in Bangladesh. In the last decade, Bangladesh experienced two devastating cyclones, SIRD and AILA, which caused immeasurable loss to human life and property. The human suffering is beyond description. The people live with the unpredictable conditions of nature.

CSS started its relief organization in 1972 and later it turned into a full fledge development organization. CSS is dedicated to helping those in need by providing necessary relief in any natural disaster. The Disaster Management and Emergency Relief Unit stands with the suffering in disaster situations. This Unit is formed with volunteers from the CSS staff. CSS leads the battle by developing appropriate protection and coping strategies for the people.  The staff uses disaster preparedness and manages community resources.

Every winter, CSS distributes winter clothing and blankets to the vulnerable, street and slum people of Khulna City.

Disaster Response
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