Economic Development Sector

Bangladesh is considered a country with a developing economy. The Micro Credit Program (MCP) and export oriented Ready Made Garments (RMGs) helps to achieve 6.71% of the current GDP and $829 US per capita income. But still, one-third of Bangladesh's population lives in extreme poverty. So, reducing poverty is one of the major development goals in Bangladesh. It is important to ensure sustainable economic development. By definition, sustainable economic development means increased national income, improved livelihood, self-sufficiency in food, rural development and improved industrial production. However, political turmoil, overpopulation, poor infrastructure and periodic natural disasters of the country, combined with external economic impact makes this development process lengthy. Since its independence, the Bangladesh government has been implementing several programs and encouraging the private sector investment to achieve sustainable development.

In this regard, CSS as an NGO has been implementing different projects like Micro Credit Program (MCP) and Fisheries project to achieve sustainable economic development in Bangladesh. In parallel to the humanitarian services and endeavors, it has been a long concern for CSS to achieve its organizational self-sufficiency to strengthen its effort as a development agent in Bangladesh. If CSS could establish itself as stable and financially sustainable organization, it would be able to invest more and undertake more comprehensive and rigorous efforts for the poorest in Bangladesh. The projects and programs of Economic Development Sector are designed to achieve this organizational objective beside the humanitarian purpose.  CSS's Micro Credit Project and Fisheries are the two projects which contribute to this agenda through income generation.

CSS has been operating a training and resource center called CSS Ava Centre where it rents out the facilities for training sessions, workshops and seminars.  Its meeting rooms are available to other organizations. By offering a professional environment, staffed with high quality services, the center has become well known in Khulna City as well as across the country. This center generates income and contributes towards the sustainability of the organization.

Economic Develoment Sector

Micro Credit Program

Fisheries Project

CSS Ava Center

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