Health and well-being is the primary need of all people. The basis of sustainable development for all nations all over the world is a better public health-care system. Improved health of citizens contributes to economic progress, longevity, increased productivity and continues to improve the well-being of future generations. So, it is the prime concern of any developing nation to ensure good health and medical services for the population for sustainable transformation.

Since its independence, Bangladesh has continuously struggled to make significant improvement in the public health sector. Constitutionally, the Government of Bangladesh is committed to provide the basic necessities of life including medical care to its citizens and to raise the level of nutrition and to improve public health. According to WHO, about 3% of GDP is spent on healthcare, of which the government’s contribution is about 1.1%. In terms of dollars spent, the total healthcare expenditure in the country is about $12 US per capita per annum, of which the public health expenditure is only around $4 US.

Most of the urban people have minimal access to health care services, but rural people are further deprived of this basic need. The poor, rural people suffer because they have limited access to the health care facilities and medical attention.  The poor government system and lack of adequate resources are also contributing factors to poor healthcare. 

CSS’ Health Sector began to serve the underprivileged and destitute people of rural areas by providing quality medical services at an affordable cost. The intervention of CSS’ Health Sector encompasses basic and secondary health care support, by improving service delivery and building public awareness. CSS has been working in the southwest region of Bangladesh for the last two decades for the development and benefit of the rural healthcare sector. CSS has the following projects; Reverend Abdul Wadud Memorial Hospital, Affordable and Sustainable Healthcare for Vulnerable People, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Rehabilitation Program. Apart from these services, CSS is also an active member of a national level advocacy platform, Health Alliance Bangladesh.

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